We’ve all had catty coworkers, but Princess is different. She has the purr-fect life: a handsome oppa boyfriend, a great career, and fleas! But what happens when the new guy in the office is tastier than a bowl full of catnip? No one ever said that juggling nine (love) lives was easy. Will the cutest cat lady ever choose the sensitive artist, or a guy with meow-ntains of abs?

Find out in Meow & Forever, the new romantic K-drama that proves nothing is impawsible.


cat image


Finicky and curious, Princess’s favorite times of day are breakfast, lunch and dinner! But she’s beginning to discover that there’s more to life than eating and sleeping.

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Gae Bagha

Brutally sensual and irresistible, Princess loses her mind when she’s around Gae Bagha. But can this rich heir really bring Princess the happiness she craves?

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Ya Ong

Sensitive and artistic, Ya Ong is a poor oppa who is rich in heart. He met Princess in a college life drawing class and has been treating her like a queen ever since.